A new email was born  


EmailXT : e-mail 2.0

EmailXT is an open, patent-free protocol that replaces your current email with a more secure, full-featured system.

Your mailbox under your control

EmailXT is a relationship-based email system where unauthorized bulk emailing is no longer possible. No more spam and mass mailing viruses. You don't need spam filters or service subscriptions any more.

Full-featured email

Encryption makes your messages private and free from tampering. Your address book contacts update automatically. Always know if your messages have been delivered.

Do more with EmailXT

Share files through email. Increase your productivity with built-in calendars, events and tasks. Answer forms and send photo albums.


There are no central servers, services or subscriptions. To make your move to EmailXT, just download, install and go! It's free!

To join the EmailXT network, you just need to install InfinityXT, the official, free EmailXT client.

To learn more about EmailXT, take the Quick Tour!

To learn more about the EmailXT protocol, take the Quick Tour!

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